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Pure Simplicity

The Importance of Pure Simplicity

http://civilparties.org/?cat=17 The current theme of my website is “Breezing” created by WPart.org. This theme drew my attention immediately because it had many design principles that are important in making a website user friendly. I found this theme to be easily scannable for the reader because of the large bold headers and images. The font color also contrasts the background colors, making it easy for the reader to see, and the color of the font is also consistent throughout the site.


http://irvat.org/oferta/budynek-e/budynek-e-2pietro.html JMU Experience

opzioni digitali con 50 euro The pure simplicity in the design of this theme makes it very easy for the readers to navigate and browse through my website. The colors in the background and in the font are calm soothing colors therefore, they are not distracting. The images are also not incredibly large or animated which helps to not repel the readers.

best forex indicators When installing the “Breezing” theme on my website from the “Delicate” theme there weren’t very many noticeable changes. The main changes were the navigation bar and the title of my webpage. The top navigation bar moved from being in the top center of my site to the top right hand corner. The title of my website is now my name, which is enlarged at the top left corner. However, the blog posts and twitter feed have both stayed in the same places.

http://www.elettrosmosi.it/?pifiods=www-binaryoptions-profit-com&67e=79 Changing the theme created no functionality problems to my website. My website still includes all the same information as it did before the change. The twitter widget I added are still available and all of my links that I added previously are still linked to their landing pages such as my G+ , Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, the Privacy Policy is still positioned at the bottom of my page. This theme was a very seamless change and I hope the readers enjoy it just as much as I do!

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