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JMU Experience I am currently a Senior business marketing major at JMU. I am enrolled in an Internet Marketing course, MKTG 470, and during this past semester I have been able to learn so many new and intriguing information about creating a website, blog posts, webpages and optimizing those pages in order to be recognized by google. In this class taught by Theresa Clarke¬†¬†,we are optimizing our webpages using the phrase “JMU Experience”.

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Optimizing your page

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Eugene Oregon In order to optimize the page I included this phrase throughout my blog post, title tag, description, meta tag and the keyword sections of my page. However, my off page optimization is where I fell short of expectations. I did not use link building throughout my site and this is such an important way to optimize your site and I should have worked harder at making sure I utilized the tools Theresa Clarke taught me in off page optimization.

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SEO Diagnostic Tests

binary option strategies for nadex\'a=0 When comparing my SEO Diagnostic Pre Test A with my SEO Diagnostic Post Test C I found that I had not made much improvements in my rankings. Which I think is a direct result of my poor SEO Optimization. However, when comparing my SEO diagnostic Pre Test B with my SEO Diagnostic Post Test D I found that I had improved by 11%. Which I think is due to the fact that I was active with updating blog posts and social media, however I was not active enough. I could have had better social engagement and created more landing pages.

site de rencontre avis homme By using the Crawler FX report I scored a total of 35 points out of 100 for the keyword “JMU Experience”. Which goes to show that I need to improve my SEO optimization. Therefore, in the future I will try and increase my rankings by improving my off page SEO strategies, by link exchanging, creating more landing pages and more.  

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