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Directing Traffic

http://www.selectservices.co.uk/?propeler=binary-options-opinioni&e02=f0 binary options opinioni Throughout the course of this fall semester, my professor Teresa Clarke in my Strategic Internet Marketing 470 class has been educating us on different techniques to increase traffic to our sites.

Directing Traffic to My Site

http://www.ivst-vz.de/?debin=marketsworld-erfahrungen Specifically, I have been using Google Analytics to examine the details of my websites traffic. When analyzing my google analytics account I have found that my website has been visited by a total of 101 people. My paid search efforts had generated the most traffic to my site receiving a total of 27 visits. 58% of my visitors used Google Chrome browser and 93% of my visits were made from U.S. citizens with 46% of them being from Harrisonburg VA. My least amount of visitors came from SEO organic search which is where I fell short of expectations. I was very pleased to find that 28% of visits were from referrals to my site and that my paid search efforts “paid” off.

How Google Sees my Site

follow link Google Webmaster Tools , has been a very informative and enlightening tool in helping me to manage my site. This tools is very insightful and useful to marketers because it is a great way to index your site in Google. It is a way to gain SEO insight and ultimately help improve your website. WHen browsing through my Google Webmaster Tools account I found which keywords google found most important which were JMUtrees, Marketing, Post and Social. I found this to be very rewarding because in an effort to increase traffic to my page I updated my keywords everyday and found which ones were gaining the most clicks and then made improvements from there and these four words were where I focused most of my efforts.

My Learning Take Aways

http://bolataruhan.org/?fiopry=rencontres-filles-russes&ff7=55 During this semester I was very unfamiliar with paid search, Google analytics, Google AdWords, and many of the different tools taught in this class. After learning about them and being able to use them first hand I now understand how important Paid and Organic search is to marketers and how significant it can be.


binУЄre optionen raiffeisen After learning how to create a website and how to direct traffic through paid and organic search It has changed the path that I want to take in my future endeavors. My goal is to now try and find jobs that I can use this information that I have learned from My Strategic Internet Marketing class and implement it into my work field.


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