Directing Traffic

Throughout the course of this fall semester, my professor Teresa Clarke in my Strategic Internet Marketing 470

class has been educating us on different techniques to increase traffic to our sites.

Directing Traffic to My Site

Specifically, I have been using Google Analytics to examine the details of my websites traffic. When analyzing my google analytics account I have found that my website has been visited by a total of 101 people. My paid search efforts had generated the most traffic to my site receiving a total of 27 visits. 58% of my visitors used Google Chrome browser and 93% of my visits were made from U.S. citizens with 46% of them being from Harrisonburg VA. My least amount of visitors came from SEO organic search which is where I fell short of expectations. I was very pleased to find that 28% of visits were from referrals to my site and that my paid search efforts “paid” off.

How Google Sees my Site

Google Webmaster Tools , has been a very informative and enlightening tool in helping me to manage my site. This tools is very insightful and useful to marketers because it is a great way to index your site in Google. It is a way to gain SEO insight and ultimately help improve your website. WHen browsing through my Google Webmaster Tools account I found which keywords google found most important which were JMUtrees, Marketing, Post and Social. I found this to be very rewarding because in an effort to increase traffic to my page I updated my keywords everyday and found which ones were gaining the most clicks and then made improvements from there and these four words were where I focused most of my efforts.

My Learning Take Aways

During this semester I was very unfamiliar with paid search, Google analytics, Google AdWords, and many of the different tools taught in this class. After learning about them and being able to use them first hand I now understand how important Paid and Organic search is to marketers and how significant it can be.


After learning how to create a website and how to direct traffic through paid and organic search It has changed the path that I want to take in my future endeavors. My goal is to now try and find jobs that I can use this information that I have learned from My Strategic Internet Marketing class and implement it into my work field.


New to SEO?

JMU Experience

I am currently a Senior business marketing major at JMU. I am enrolled in an Internet Marketing course, MKTG 470, and during this past semester I have been able to learn so many new and intriguing information about creating a website, blog posts, webpages and optimizing those pages in order to be recognized by google. In this class taught by Theresa Clarke  ,we are optimizing our webpages using the phrase “JMU Experience”.


Optimizing your page

In order to optimize the page I included this phrase throughout my blog post, title tag, description, meta tag and the keyword sections of my page. However, my off page optimization is where I fell short of expectations. I did not use link building throughout my site and this is such an important way to optimize your site and I should have worked harder at making sure I utilized the tools Theresa Clarke taught me in off page optimization.


SEO Diagnostic Tests

When comparing my SEO Diagnostic Pre Test A with my SEO Diagnostic Post Test C I found that I had not made much improvements in my rankings. Which I think is a direct result of my poor SEO Optimization. However, when comparing my SEO diagnostic Pre Test B with my SEO Diagnostic Post Test D I found that I had improved by 11%. Which I think is due to the fact that I was active with updating blog posts and social media, however I was not active enough. I could have had better social engagement and created more landing pages.

By using the Crawler FX report I scored a total of 35 points out of 100 for the keyword “JMU Experience”. Which goes to show that I need to improve my SEO optimization. Therefore, in the future I will try and increase my rankings by improving my off page SEO strategies, by link exchanging, creating more landing pages and more.


Intriguing Details about Silverback Strategies

This past thursday, October 24,2013, JMU 

 had two alumni, Shay Meadow and Andrew Nelson present to my Strategic Internet Marketing class. The company Shay and Andrew presented on was Silverback Strategies, which is located in Alexandria, Virginia. They gave in-depth details and valuable information on the companies search engine optimization.


A few main points that I found to be most valuable during this presentation were:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) : The former students explained in great detail that PPC means advertisers must pay for their advertising. This is a specific function which uses Google Adwords. How much they pay is based on how many times their specific ad is “clicked” on. Also the more you pay can determine how much higher on the list of search results your ad will appear.
  • Search Marketing: Through the information given during this presentation I understood that Search Marketing is the biggest market in Digital Marketing today.
  • Online Campaigns: The speakers explained online campaigns and how important data range is. They are also able to analyze the data and see what works and what doesn’t. Also the exact ROI of a key work is found through these online campaigns which can be very useful to a marketer.
  • AdWords vs AdSense: The Alumni then spoke about the differences between AdWords and AdSense. They explained that AdWords is used if the company prefers google to promote their site and they pay google specifically to do that. And AdSense will display google ads on your website.

Overall I really enjoyed all the information I learned through Shay and Andrew and I appreciate them coming and explaining Silverback Strategies to our class.

Delicious Pumpkin Pie

 Good evening Hallowieners!


Ohhh and here it is again… Halloween time! Everyones favorite time of the year! When all the ghosts and goblins come out to play. Whether you are at a haunted hayride like Fear Forest or visiting Cross Keys Vineyard during one of these beautiful fall nights you can’t go wrong when celebrating Halloween.

That being said I felt it was only right to share one of my favorite recipes to make every Halloween!

My grandmother and I always cook around the holidays and it has become one of my favorite things to do! However, I am quite the stickler when it comes to following directions which is why I want to share all the exact ingredients to one of my favorites pies. And thank you Suzanne for your amazing recipe for this delicious pumpkin pie!

To begin make sure to have all of the following ingredients:

  • 2 cups of canned pumpkin pulp purée
  • 1 1/2 cup of heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt, and lemon zest
  • 1/3 cup of white sugar
  • 2  white eggs
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of ground ginger
  • 1/4 a teaspoon of ground nutmeg, cloves, and cardamon
  • 10 to 11- inch circle pie


Preheat the oven to 425° F. Then begin to mix together the sugar, cinnamon, ginger, lemon zest and all the spices. Once they are mixed together and blended, add the pumpkin purée and the cream. I always wait till then end to add in the eggs because I find it makes the pie moist. So that being said now add the eggs. Pour all of this into the pie shell and place in the oven for 15 minutes on 450° F then reduce the heat by 100 degrees and cook for another 30 minutes! Once done let sit out for 2 hours!

Social Media Marketing..a Help? Or Hindrance

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Twitter seem to be the most prominent social media sites in the recent years. However, as the times are changing so is the technology therefore, social media sites are expanding rapidly. Meaning the way people receive their information is constantly changing. Whether it be vine

, or Instagram, people are receiving their information or news in different ways. However, we constantly wonder is this information correct? Are we receiving valid and current news? This is a question many have in regards to social media.


With this being said there are many pros and cons with any of these different sources being used to relay information to people, whether it be daily news or a marketing message.


An example of a time when social media was used as a way to relay information quickly was with Sandy Hook

school shooting. Another example is with the Earthquake that erupted in Tokyo in 2012. In both of these incidences the social media was the main source used to get information quickly to the public before the news media could even get the story.


From several images and tweets uploaded about the earthquake a man from tokyo was informed of the earthquake luckily before it had even hit his area. However, in the Sandy Hook school shooting the social media had resulted in negative effects. The social media had given false information resulting in the arrest of a wrongly accused person.


This goes to show that social media is a very powerful means of sharing and spreading information. It can either positively or negatively impact many others and is not always reliable. This being said marketing through social media can be very ambiguous to the consumer and should be used carefully and considerately.


Pure Simplicity

The Importance of Pure Simplicity

The current theme of my website is “Breezing” created by This theme drew my attention immediately because it had many design principles that are important in making a website user friendly. I found this theme to be easily scannable for the reader because of the large bold headers and images. The font color also contrasts the background colors, making it easy for the reader to see, and the color of the font is also consistent throughout the site.


JMU Experience

The pure simplicity in the design of this theme makes it very easy for the readers to navigate and browse through my website. The colors in the background and in the font are calm soothing colors therefore, they are not distracting. The images are also not incredibly large or animated which helps to not repel the readers.

When installing the “Breezing” theme on my website from the “Delicate” theme there weren’t very many noticeable changes. The main changes were the navigation bar and the title of my webpage. The top navigation bar moved from being in the top center of my site to the top right hand corner. The title of my website is now my name, which is enlarged at the top left corner. However, the blog posts and twitter feed have both stayed in the same places.

Changing the theme created no functionality problems to my website. My website still includes all the same information as it did before the change. The twitter widget I added are still available and all of my links that I added previously are still linked to their landing pages such as my G+ , Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, the Privacy Policy is still positioned at the bottom of my page. This theme was a very seamless change and I hope the readers enjoy it just as much as I do!




My First MKTG 470 Blog Post

Welcome to my post about MKTG 470 at JMU.

Why it is important to take MKTG 470 at JMU!

  1. You learn how to create a website, which includes the blog post MKTG 470
  2. You learn what is important and what to leave out of your page
  3. You learn how to create blog posts



I am currently enrolled in  MKTG 470  at JMU taught by Dr. Theresa B. Clarke at James Madison University.  As one of the course requirements, all students will be completing some of the assignments as blog posts.  This is my first official blog post for Dr. Clarke’s course in the JMU Department of Marketing.


mktg470 at JMU